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    State Of Ohio Rules

    Our country is living though a trying time with the emergence of the Coronavirus.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to play our baseball season.  However, because of vital health concerns, the State of Ohio, local municipalities and health departments have important guidelines for teams, spectators and officials to follow.  Please click on the link below to read our current 2020 Guidelines for safe play:

    Remember: we can't achieve these mandates without your leadership and cooperation.  Let's work together to make this season great!




    Covid-19 Update (April 12)

    Buckeye Baseball League Covid-19 Update

    April 12

    Everyone is anxious to “get things back to normal” and get our 2020 Baseball Season underway.  Please remain patient as we don’t know when this crisis and subsequent social distancing order will end.  As of now, our State and Federal leadership will be evaluating these matters for May 1st.  However, we cannot count on the speculation that social policies will change as of that date. 

    The Buckeye Baseball League will be ready to move forward in accordance with the social guidelines established once we receive an update, a change or we get the permission to begin play.  Like All Americans, we are eagerly waiting for this official update.

    I suggest that each Team continue to encourage their players to do what they can on their own.  As you know, it will be beneficial for the players to be as ready as possible in order to begin once that date is determined.  I know this is a challenge, but it will be important so that each Team can be prepared quickly.

    Please try not to get caught up in speculation that is rampant about what other Teams, Organizations and other Sports may be doing.  I have heard many plans in anticipation of hopeful changes to our current state, but those plans are based on unknown information and hope. Therefore, making plans at this time is a guess.  Let’s not guess and give our participants disappointing, false hope.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at any time.



    Postponement Update---COVID-19

    As you know, we have been backed up to May 1 as of now as a result of the crisis that we are facing.  The health of the community is the only priority at this time.  Let's wait it out and see where we are in a few weeks.  Plans are in place for various start dates.

    At this time once again, I am asking you NOT  to do any rescheduling yet.  We don't know what is going to happen and any rescheduling is likely to be a waste of your time, effort and energy.  Please do NOT do any rescheduling yet.

    Coronavirus Update

    Coronavirus Disease Update for Buckeye Baseball League Teams

    Obviously, there is an air of uncertainty within our great Nation as to what will happen with this serious health threat.  All decisions made by this League will be made based on what is best for our participants.  With that stated, because of the uncertainty that we are facing, I am not going to lay out plan for you at this time for fear that the plan may have to be changed.  My belief is that in a week or two, things will be illuminated for all of us as the time passes.

    I was called with a rumor that the Buckeye Baseball League will cancel its season for 2020.  At the point of hearing that, I can tell you that I had NOT even considered that.  At this point, cancelling the season is NOT even on my radar.  Cancelling the season would be the very last resort and I don't believe that will happen.

    Be patient.  Take care of the players and your family by being smart during this vulnerable time.  As things change within our society due to this serious challenge, more and succinct updates will be provided.



    Scheduling Meeting Complete

    Our 106 Teams are all scheduled for the 2020 Campaign!

    In the next communication, you will be given instructions as how to register for the Site, add to your Team Page, enter you Home Schedule and post your Roster (only visible to the League Commissioner & your Admin).

    In the communication after that, you will receive your League Contacts.  Those contacts are to be used for Buckeye Baseball League business only.  That list is NOT yours to redistribute or use for any other purpose except for Buckeye League business.  If you need contact information prior to that time, please contact T.C. Murphy at or (216)551-0728

    2020 Buckeye Baseball League Divisions


    Gehrig Division                                 Ruth Division

                                                                 Andy's Niners

    Chagrin Falls Tigers                          Chardon Mad Batters

    Kenston Bombers                              Geauga Knights

    Solon Stampede                                Mentor Cardinals (Ellis)

    Streetsboro Rockets                    Mentor Cardinals (Rhom)

                                                                   Perry Pirates



    Gehrig Division                                  Ruth Division

    Beasts Baseball                                 Force Ohio

    Geauga Knights                                Aurora Athetics

    Lake County Express                         Kenston Bombers

    Mentor Cardinals (Nolan)                 Solon Stampede

    Mentor Cardinals (Zak)                    Streetsboro Rockets

    Perry Pirates                                            

    Willoughby Wildcats                            Twinsburg Tigers



    Gehrig Division                                    Ruth Division

    Aurora Athletics                                 Chardon Mad Batters Red

                                                                    Geauga Knights

    Aurora A's                                          Chardon Mad Batters Blue

    Kenston Bombers                                Mentor Cardinals

    Ohio Tide                                             Riverside Baseball Club

    Solon Stampede                                     Willoughby Wildcats



    Gehrig Division                                        Ruth Division

    CLE Prospects                                              B2 Bulls

    Chardon Mad Batters                              Bobcat Baseball Club

    Lake Erie Storm                                         Geauga Knights

    Ohio Tide                                                     Ohio Tide (T.J.)

    Perry Pirates                                                Willoughby Wildcats

    Wildcats Baseball



    Ruth Division

    B2 Bulls

    Geauga Knights

    Hudson Explorers

    Kenston Bombers

    Lyndhurst Lightning

    Mentor Cardinals (Jerin)


    Mentor Cardinals (Van)

    Willoughby Wildcats


    12U National

    Gehrig Division                                              Mantle Division

    Beasts Baseball                                               Aurora Green

    Lake County Express                                     

    Lake County Rangers                                    Ohio Rebels

    Lake Erie Storm                                              Ohio Tide

    McMinn Diamond Dogs                                Playersi Bulls

                                                                              Solon Stampede

    True Timber Raiders

    Wickliffe Titans



    Ruth Division (American)

    B2 Bulls

    Bobcats Baseball Club

    Dugout Baseball

    Fielder's Choice

    Hudson Explorers

    Mentor Cardinals

    Pro Nine Sidewinders


    Gehrig Division (Nat)                            Mantle Division (Nat)

    Aurora Green                                             Geauga Knights

                                                                          Great Lakes Indians

    Heights Tigers                                             Lake County Tropics

    Hiram Mud Dogs                                        Lake Erie Storm

    Kenston Bombers                                       Landsharks

    North Coast USA                                        Hambden Havoc

    Ohio Tide                                                 McMinn Diamond Dogs

                                                                         Willoughby Wildcats



    Ruth Division                                                Gehrig Division

    B2 Bulls                                                            Chardon Spartans

    CLE Prospects                                                 Euclid Panthers

    Geauga Knights                                        Highland Hts. Cougars

                                                                              Hudson Explorers

    Mentor Cardinals                                           Hudson Fury

    Ohio Rebels                                                Willoughby Wildcats





    Scheduling Meeting---Feb. 22

    Saturday, February 22

    Mentor Baseball Facility

    9332 Mercantile Drive

    Mentor, Ohio 44060

    This is a MANDATORY Meeting for ALL Teams!

    9U---8 am

    10U--9:15 am

    11U---10:30 am




    If the Head Coach cannot attend, please send as Assistant Coach.  If an Assistant Coach cannot attend, please provide the League with your home dates and we will do our best to follow your wishes for your schedule.  Please send a representative for your Team for this important meeting!!

    2020 Registered Buckeye League Teams

    The following is a current list of the Buckeye Baseball League teams for 2020.  If your Team does not appear on the list and it should, please notify the League at or at (216)551-0728.  

    9U                                                             10U

    Streetsboro Rockets                          Chardon Mad Batters Red

    Geauga Knights                                  Kenston Bombers

    Orange Lions                                      Solon Stampede

    Mentor Cardinals (Z)                         Chagrin Falls Tigers

    Willoughby Wildcats                          Geauga Knights

    Mentor Cardinals (N)                        Chardon Mad Batters Blue

    Perry Pirates                                        Mentor Cardinals

    Kenston Bombers                               Aurora Athletics

    Solon Stampede                                  Ohio Tide

    Chagrin Falls Tigers                              Riverside Baseball Club

    Lake County Express                           Willoughby Wildcats

    Aurora Green                                        Aurora A's

    Twinsburg Tigers


    Beasts Baseball

    11U                                                              14U

    Chardon Mad Batters Red                       Euclid Panthers

    Perry Pirates                                             Sharks Baseball

    Bobcats Baseball Club                            Willoughby Wildcats

    Ohio Tide                                                  Mentor Cardinals

    B2 Bulls                                                    Hudson Explorers

    Willoughby Wildcats                                Chardon Spartans

    Lake Erie Storm                                        CLE Prospects

    Wildcats Baseball                                     Geauga Knights

    Geauga Knights                                        Ohio Rebels

    Ohio Tide                                                    Hudson Fury

                                                                    Highland Hts. Cougars

                                                                       Lake County Warriors

                                                                       B2 Bulls


    12U                                                              13U

    Hudson Explorers                                     Hudson Explorers

    Kenston Bombers                                     Kenston Bombers

    Mentor Cardinals (J)                                  Mentor Cardinals

    Willoughby Wildcats                                 Willoughby Wildcats

    B2 Bulls                                                  Bobcats Baseball Club

    Solon Stampede                                        Landsharks

    Lyndhurst Lightning                                 East Side Tropics

    Beasts Baseball                                        Geauga Knights

    Playersi Bulls                                             North Coast USA

    Ohio Tide                                                    Solon Sabotage

    Lake County Rangers                                Lake Erie Storm

    Wickliffe Titans                                           Pro Nine Sidewinders

    Aurora Green                                          McMinn Diamond Dogs

    McMinn Diamond Dawgs                          Hambden Havoc

    True Timber Raiders                                   Chagrin Falls Tigers

    Chagrin Falls Tigers                                  Great Lakes Indians

    Geauga Knights                                             Heights Tigers

    Mentor Cardinals (V)                                     Hiram Mud Dogs

    Ohio Rebels                                                    Aurora Green

    Lake County Express                                     Dugout Sports

    Lake Erie Storm                                              B2 Bulls

    Painesville Vipers                                            Fielder's Choice

    Ohio Mavericks



    Chagrin Falls Tigers

    Kenston Bombers



    Mentor Cardinals

    Geauga Knights

    Mentor Cardinals

    Andy's Niners

    Chardon Mad Batters

    Streetsboro Rockets

    Force Sports


    2020 Rainout/Make-Up Guidelines

    2020 Rainout/Make-Up Policy Buckeye Baseball League


    April 1---May 7: Games that are rained out during this time period should be rescheduled within 3 weeks of the originally scheduled date.

    May 8---June 11: Games that are rained out during this time period should be rescheduled within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled date.

    June 12 and after: Games need to be rescheduled as soon as possible!!

    Teams Looking to Add Players

    12U True Timber Raiders

    12U Team looking for 1 player for the 2020 season.  True Timber Raiders baseball located in Eastern Lake county.  Home games out of Painseville Twp Park.  If interested in a tryout, text  Coach Greg @ 440-361-5289, or Coach Mark @ 440-479-6056.  

    13U Chagrin Falls Tigers

    The 13U CF Tigers are looking to add 1 more player to their Roster.  The Team plays a competitive League schedule.  If interested in learning more information, please contact Coach White at (216)

    February Buckeye Baseball League Scheduling Meeting

    Saturday, February 22

    Mentor Baseball Facility

    9332 Mercantile Drive

    Mentor, Ohio 44060

    This is a MANDATORY Meeting for ALL Teams!

    9U---8 am

    10U--9:15 am

    11U---10:30 am




    If the Head Coach cannot attend, please send as Assistant Coach.  If an Assistant Coach cannot attend, please provide the League with your home dates and we will do our best to follow your wishes for your schedule.  Please send a representative for your Team for this important meeting!!

    Ironman Fall League Scores and Standings

    9U/10U Scores

    Geauga Knights (Cotton)  20    Beasts Baseball  0

    Geauga Knights (Cotton)  13    Geauga Knights (Creech)  4

    Geauga Knights (Creech)  20   Beasts Baseball  2

    Revere 13   Chagrin Falls  10

    September 1

    Geauga Knights (Creech)  27  Chagrin Falls  17

    Week #2 Scores Sept. 7 & 8

    Geauga Knights  5    Revere  3

    9U/10U Standings

    Geauga Knights (Creech)    4-1-1

    Revere                              1-2

    Chagrin Falls Tigers           0-2-1

    Beasts Baseball                 0-2


    11U/12U Scores

    August 25-26

    Lyndhurst Lightning  19   McMinn Raiders  1

    Hambden Havoc  14   McMinn Raiders  0

    Lyndhurst Lightning  12   Hambden Havoc 2

    Streetsboro  7   Revere  5

    Streetsboro  9   Revere  9

    August 31

    Lyndhurst Lightning 15   Willoughby Wildcats  9

    Week #2 Sept. 7 & 8

    Lyndhurst Lightning  15   Willoughby  9

    Mentor (Van)  11   Lyndhurst Lightning   7

    Hambden Havoc   6    Lake County All Stars  2

    11U/12U Standings

    Lyndhurst Lightning    8-1

    Streetsboro Rockets     1-3-1

    Hambden Havoc          5-2

    Revere                         0-4-1

    McMinn Raiders           0-6

    Sept. 7 & 8

    Lake County All Stars  16    Streetsboro Rockets  2

    Willoughby All Stars   13    Streetsboro Rockets  12


    13U Scores

    August 25 & 26

    Panini Boys  8   Dugout Baseball  4

    Panini Boys  2  Mentor Cardinals  2

    Dugout Baseball  7   Mentor Cardinals  4

    Players I   6    Chardon Spartans  5

    Players I   9      Chardon Spartans  3

    Week #2 Sept. 7 & 8

    Chardon Spartans  7   Mentor (V)   3

    Chardon Spartans   8    Mentor (V)  2

    Panini Boys  8  Playersi Bulls   7

    Panini Boys  11   Playersi Bulls  5


    13U Standings

    Panini Boys         4-1-1

    Players I Bulls      6-2

    Chardon Spartans 3-3

    Dugout Baseball   1-3

    Mentor Cardinals  0-5-1


    2019 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Brackets 9U-11U

    Phenom Events & Happenings

    2019 Ironman League---Fall Baseball

    Ironman League


    10 game season beginning on the weekend of August 24th and 25th.   

    Championship for the top 2 Teams in each Division with team and individual trophies.

    Teams may use their Home Field, play away games or have fields arranged for them (some are free & some at a small fee).

    Teams will be provided with game balls.  

    Certified Umpires will be assigned through the League.

    The cost for the League is $275 per Team

    Please contact T.C. Murphy at (216)551-0728 or at

    Buckeye Baseball League 2019

    The 2019 Regular season is underway!

    >> Click here to go to the BBL 2019 homepage <<

    Meeting Tom Hamilton

    Happenings & Links

    Players Looking for Teams

    If you are a coach who is looking for more players (or a player who wants to post their information), take a look at the Player Looking for Teams page. It is regularly updated with information from players who are searching for a team.

    Upcoming Interests

    The 2019 Regular Season of the Buckeye Baseball League is now underway. For a list of League tournaments, click HERE

    Promotions & Interests

    Take a look at these excellent businesses & interests involved with the Buckeye Baseball League!

    Blizzard Baseball School a training program with a special focus on hitting skills and techniques. Lessons are provided by Don Navatsyk, a retired coach with over 20 years of experience in youth baseball and 60 years of passion in the game. From 2010 to 2015, Don has seen 40 of his former players in college baseball, many of whom were at the top of the lineup.

    Please click HERE for the full advert, including pricing details.

    In warm weather, Blizzard Baseball School will take place at the Chardon Eagles field, located at 317 Water Street, Chardon, Ohio.
    If interested, contact Don Navatsyk at 440-478-9485 or

    Elite Sports Performance Training

    ...hosts monthly baseball camps and clinics in mentor, as well as one-on-one training and Speed and Strength classes. Check out their website for more information:

    Dana Brewster's Practice Facility

    Indoor baseball/softball training facility in Perry(Lake County) available to rent

    The facility is 65’ wide x 120’ long building with a 30’ ceiling at the peak.  Dirt floor and a full batting cage(20’x65’) with a pitching machine(30mph-90mph) is permanently setup.  Rental rates: 2 hours with heat: $90, 2 hours without heat: $75.  Commit to renting 10 or more practices and the rate is $10 less per session.  Please call me if you would like to come out and see the facility.  The facility is located ¼ mile from the Perry Outdoor YMCA.  Contact: Dana Brewster  (440)488-9234

    FES - Fantastic Embroidery and Screen Printing