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    2024 Scores

    2024 Scores


    NC Rebels  11  Mentor Red  1   (5/7)

    NC Rebels   12   Aurora Athletics  0   (4/30)

    NC Rebels   10  CLE Prospects  3  (5/1)

    Geauga Knights   20         Stow Bulldogs (Gold)  2   (5/4)

    Geauga Knights    13          Stow Bulldogs (Gold)   5    (5/4)

    Geauga Knights 15-    Aurora Athletics   11  (5/4)

    Geauga Knights 9      Mentor Diamond Dogs   8  (5/7)

    NC Rebels   13       Stow Bulldogs Gold   2  (4/25)

    4/27 Game 1 Stow Bulldogs 7 - Prospects 6

    4/27 Game 2 Stow Bulldogs 4 - Prospects 12

    Mentor Diamond Dogs   14     Kirtland Hornets   8

    April 16th,Knights Baseball 6-5 North Coast Rebels

    April 20th, Knights Baseball 12-0 'Bula Bandits

    April 21st, Knights Baseball 14-1 Mentor Cardinals

    April 22nd, Knights Baseball 18-2 Mentor Cardinals

    AC Rebels   8   Aurora Athletics   5


    Mentor 12 U Ellis 17 - Aurora Aces 0   (5/4)

    Solon Stampede 11  Lyndhurst Thunder  11 (Darkness)  (5/8)

    Aurora beats Stow  19-4  (5/1)

    Aurora beats Hudson   10-1  (5/2)

    Aurora beats Stow  12-2  (5/4)

    Aurora beats Dugout Baseball Club  12-4  (5/6)

    Dugout   14    Ohio Tide  2  (5/2)

    Lyndhurst Lightning  6   Mentor  4  (5/1)

    Lyndhurst Lightning  21    Aurora Aces   3    (5/8)

    Andy’s 9ers 25    Aurora Aces 1  (5/2)

    Andy’s 9ers 10     Nordonia 0  (5/7)

    Chagrin Falls  11  Lyndhurst Lightning  7  (5/3)

    Lyndhurst Lightning  23   Ohio Tide  0  (5/7)

    Stampede  14    Hudson White    3   (4/30)

    Stampede 20     Hudson White   9   (5/6)

    Stow 14. Lyndhurst Thunder 2  (5/6)

    Andy’s 9ers   17   Dugout   1  (4/30)

    Lyndhurst Thunder   7     Ohio Tide   4  (4/25)

    Solon Stampede   14    Hudson White   2    (4/30)

    Lyndhurst Lightning  7   Nordonia Knights  3   (4/29)

    Andy's 9ers   12    Chagrin Falls   7 (4/26)

    Mentor Cardinals (E)   20    Aurora Aces   3  (4/25)

    Chagrin Falls   7   Lyndhurst Thunder   3

    Andy's Niner's   13    Aurora Green   2 (4/22)

    Kenston Bombers   10       Solon Stampede   2  (4/16)

    Solon Stampede    8     Chagrin Falls   5   (4/18)

    Solon Stampede  14     Stow Bulldogs  1

    (4/18)  Mentor Cardinals    18       Ohio Tide     6

    (4/13)  Mentor Cardinals   15    Dugout Baseball    3

    (4/22)  Nordonia Knights   13     Aurora Aces   5

    Stow Bulldogs   12    Hudson White   4 (4/16)

    Hudson White    9  Kenston Bombers  3



    Hudson 20  Nordonia  8  (5/2)

    NC Rebels 15….BHM 9   (5/1)

    North Coast Rebels – 18     Nordonia Knights – 1 (5/4)

    North Coast Rebels – 16       Nordonia Knights – 5  (5/4)



    Andy’s 9ers   10    Ohio Rebels  5   (5/8)

    Solon Stampede  5   Willoughby Wildcats  2  (5/6)

    5/8 Aurora Aces 18  Bula Bandits 9

    Solon Stampede  6   CLE Prospects  3  (5/8)

    Riverside BC   13    Kenston   4  (5/7)

    Aurora   16   Ohio Rebels  4  (5/7)

    CLE Prospects  4    Andy’s 9ers  2  (5/6)

    Riverside Baseball   7   Euclid Panthers   2  (5/6)

    Kenston   15   CLE Renegades 10   (5/4)

    Aurora  14   Andy’s 9ers   0  (5/2)

    Chagrin Falls (T)  12      CLE Renegades  2  (5/1)

    Final score May 2nd:


    Chagrin Falls Tigers 10U(T) - 17

    Riverside Baseball Club - 15

    Mentor Diamond Dogs    5   Lyndhurst Lightning  1  (5/7)

    CLE Renegades   20  Euclid Panthers  12  (5/8)

    Cleveland Renegades   5     Mentor Diamond Dogs  4  (4/30)

    CLE Prospects  15   Ohio Rebels  0  (5/1)

    Kirtland Hornets   14     Lyndhurst Lightning   4   (4/25)

    Kirtland Hornets   15   Euclid Panthers   2   (4/29)

    Kirtland Hornets   9    Chagrin Falls (T)   7  (4/30…extra innings)

    Riverside Baseball Club   26  Chagrin Falls (N)  6   (4/29)

    Chagrin Falls (T)  18   ‘Bula Bandits   5  (4/26)

    Stow Bulldogs   19    Mentor Cardinals (Red or Black?)   11  (4/30)

    Aurora Green   20    CLE Prospects   11  (4/30)

    Andy’s 9ers   9    Aurora Green  8  (4/29)

    Solon Stampede    16     CLE Prospects   4  (4/27)

    'Bula Bandits   13   Dugout Baseball  7  (4/27)

    25April / Ohio Rebels 6  vs  Mentor 5  in extra innings 

    28April / Mentor 7   vs CLE Prospects 2

    Riverside Baseball Club   13    Aurora Aces   4   (4/25)

    Ohio Rebels   6    Mentor Cardinals  5  (4/25)

    Solon Stampede   15   Andy’s Niners   14  (4/25)

    Mentor Diamond Dogs   11    Kenston Bombers  1  (4/25)

    Aurora Green  9        Mentor Cardinals 5

    Aurora  Green 13    Mentor Cardinals   3

    Lyndhurst Lightning  8   Chagrin Falls (N)  3  (4/15)

    Willoughby Wildcats   7   Ohio Rebels   2  (4/18)

    Willoughby Wildcats  13   Aurora Green  2 (4/23)

    Stow Bulldogs   8    Willoughby Wildcats   7  (4/16)

    Lyndhurst Lightning  12    Riverside Baseball Club  5  (4/23)

    Chagrin Falls Tigers (T)   7    Kenston Bombers    3

    Chagrin Falls (T)    16     Euclid Panthers   4  (4/15)

    Chagrin Falls  (T)  20   Dugout Baseball  2  (4/20)

    Kenston Bombers  15   'Bula Bandits   5   (4/19)

    Lyndhurst Lightning  11  Euclid Panthers  3

    Kenston  14    Chagrin Falls (N)  6

    Riverside Baseball Club  13    Kirtland Hornets  8

    'Bula Bandits   5   Kirtland Hornets   4

    Mentor Diamond Dogs  14   Lyndhurst Lightning   7  (4/18)

    Riverside Baseball Club  4   Dugout   0

    Aurora Aces  18   Chagrin Falls (N)  0  (4/18)

    Aurora Aces  16   Kirtland Hornets   8   (4/22)

    'Bula Bandits   17   Chagrin Falls (N)   7


    Mentor Black (O)  20    BHM  3  (5/8)

    Highland Heights Herd  12    Twinsburg Tigers Blue 11

    Mentor Red (J)  15    BHM   3

    Young Bucks  9  Willoughby Wildcats  7  (5/8)

    Chagrin Falls Orange  22   Aurora Aces  3   (5/8)

    Chagrin Falls Black    13    Aurora Greenmen  12  (5/6)

    Willoughby Wildcats   14   Kirtland Hornets  7  (5/1)

    Aurora Green   9   Lyndhurst   3   (5/2)

    Geauga Knights   16   Perry Pirates (Moon)  6  (5/1)

    Geauga Knights  4   Riverside Baseball Club  2  (5/7)

    Young Bucks  15   Kirtland Hornets 4  (5/7)

    Aurora Green    9   Chagrin Falls Orange   8  (5/3)

    Kenston 7      RD Diamond Dawgs 4  (5/3)

    Kenston 25    Aurora Aces 10   (5/6)

    CLE Renegades  18    CF (N)  11   (5/2)---10U

    Kenston  Bombers  12    Lyndhurst Lightning   4   (5/2)

    Lyndhurst Lightning  11   Aurora Aces   6     (4/30)

    Mentor Jerin 9u 17 Perry Black 4

    Mentor Jerin 9u 21 Willoughby Wildcats  8

    Mentor Jerin 9u 27 Kirtland 7

    Riverside 9u 14     Willoughby Wildcats 3 (4/30)

    Perry Pirates (Orange)   4       Willoughby Wildcats   0  (4/25)

    Perry Pirates  Black    19    BHM   18   (4/30)

    Cleveland Renegades   5     Mentor Diamond Dogs  4  (4/30)

    Chagrin Falls Black   14    RD'd Diamond Dawgs  12 (2 outs in bottom of the 6th); after 5 innings CF  11   RD  10; TBD

    Twinsburg 12    Lyndhurst Lightning  11  (4/28)

    Twinsburg Tigers  10    Chagrin Falls (Black)  6  (4/30)

    Chagrin Falls Black   19   Aurora Aces   11  (4/29)

    Knights Baseball   9   Mentor Red (J)  6   (4/30)

    Young Bucks   16    Kirtland Hornets  2   (4/27)

    Mentor Black   9    Young Bucks   6   (4/28)

    Perry Pirates (Orange)   15     BHM   3   (4/26)

    Lyndhurst Lightning    21   Chagrin Falls   (Black or Orange?)   0

    Highland Heights Herd   11   Lyndhurst Lightning  10 (4/25)

    Chagrin Falls Black   9    Lyndhurst Lightning   7 (4/24)

    Perry Black   18    Kirtland Hornets   9   (4/24)

    Aurora Green   14     Kenston Bombers  12  (4/24)

    Highland Heights Herd  22  Aurora Aces   5  (4/18)

    Highland Heights Herd   22  Rd Diamond Dogs  5 (4/20)

    Mentor Black (O)  5   BHM   1

    Young Bucks  21   Riverside Baseball Club  8  (4/20)

    Kenston Bombers (Y)  20    Aurora Aces    2   (4/20)

    Kenston Bombers (Y)   17    Chagrin Falls Black   17  (4/21)

    Riverside Baseball Club   15    Perry Black  10 (4/18)

    Mentor Red  9   BHM  3

    Twinsburg Blue   16     Aurora Aces   3

    Aurora Green   4     Solon Stampede   0

    Sunday 4/21 – CF Black 15 Kenston 15 (5 innings time limit)

    4/20     Highland Hts - 22      RD Diamond Dawgs - 5 



    Aurora Aces   11   Chagrin Falls 0  (5/7)

    Willoughby Wildcats   23   Mentor Black  3  (5/7)

    Highland Hts. Herd 8U- 14     Riverside Baseball Club- 2  (4/30)

    Willoughby  26   GK   16  (5/2)

    Willoughby  22   Mentor Red   8  (5/7)

    Chardon  15    Riverside  5  (5/2)

    Impact Baseball  11  Chagrin Falls  8  (5/3)

    Chardon   18   Mentor Black  4  (5/7)

    HH Herd   21    GKNights  3  (5/7)

    Kenston (O)    10     RD Diamond Dawgs    7   (5/7)

    Diamond Kings  22   Impact Baseball   7   (5/8)

    Stampede 11, Diamond Kings 7 (5/6)

    Kenston (O)   16    Diamond Kings   2    (5/1)

    Knights Baseball   14     Riverside Baseball  5  (4/25)

    Kenston Bombers (O)     15    Diamond Kings  6   (4/29)


    Solon Stampede 14, RD Diamond Dawgs 4  (4/27)

    Solon Stampede 20, Kenston Koterba 7  (4/29)

    Chardon Eagles   23    Mentor Red   6     (4/30)

    Highland Heights Herd   14    Riverside Baseball Club  2  (4/30)

    Chardon Eagles   16   Young Bucks   0  (4/24)

    Mentor black 9 Kenton (k) 7 (4/26)

    Kenston (K)    16     Yellow Jackets   0   (added 4/29)

    Kenston Bombers (K)    16   Diamond Kings   12 (4/15; added to Standings 4/29)

    Kenston Bombers (K)  18    Chagrin Falls  2  (4/21)

    Diamond Kings  16   Chagrin Falls   9  (4/18)

    Kenston (O)  12   Solon Stampede  9 (4/18)

    Riverside Baseball Club  13   Young Guns  8

    Impact Baseball  21    Kenston (K)  19

    Kenston (O)  15    Freedom Yellow Jackets  3

    (4/20)  RD Diamond Dawgs    17    Freedom Yellow Jackets   0

    (4/23)   RD Diamond Dawgs   17    Chagrin Falls   0

    2024 Scores

    2024 Scores


    Solon Stampede  14     Stow Bulldogs  1


    Lyndhurst Lightning  11  Euclid Panthers  3

    Kenston  14    Chagrin Falls (N)  6

    Riverside Baseball Club  13    Kirtland Hornets  8


    Mentor Red  9   BHM  3

    Twinsburg Blue   16     Aurora Aces   3

    Aurora Green   4     Solon Stampede   0 

    2024 Early Schedules (April)

    13U April Games


    04/30 DIAMOND DOGS (H) VS. MENTOR 6:00PM


    Geauga Knights 13U

    Monday April 15th, @6pm

    Saturday April 20th, @11am

    Monday April 29th, @6pm

    Ohio Tide---IDLE

    AC Rebels---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    8U Baseball

    Highland Heights Herd is IDLE at Home (4/2---4/15)

    Solon Stampede is  IDLE at Home (4/2--4/15)

    Riverside Baseball Club is IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    11U Baseball

    11U BHM----IDLE

    Willoughby Wildcats----IDLE


    12U Baseball

    Dugout Sports at Mentor Cardinals--April 13

    Aurora Green are IDLE at Home 4/1---4/15


    10U Baseball

    Chagrin Falls (Nystrom)---April 9---Kenston Bombers at CF (NY)

    April 15---Lyndhurst Lightning at CF (NY)

    Cleveland Renegades----IDLE

    Ohio Rebels at Willoughby Wildcats on April 18th on Todd #4

    Aurora Green is IDLE at Home from April1 through April 15.

    Kenston Bombers are IDLE at home 4/1---4/15

    Willoughby @ Stow April 16th,  6:00pm, Stow Youth Baseball Field 1


    9U Baseball

    Aurora Green----IDLE

    Chagrin Falls Black---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    Aurora Aces at Twinsburg Tigers on 4/16 at 5:30 on Liberty #4

    Willoughby Wildcats are IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    2024 Early Schedules (April)

    13U April Games


    04/30 DIAMOND DOGS (H) VS. MENTOR 6:00PM


    Geauga Knights 13U

    Monday April 15th, @6pm

    Saturday April 20th, @11am

    Monday April 29th, @6pm

    Ohio Tide---IDLE

    AC Rebels---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    8U Baseball

    Highland Heights Herd is IDLE at Home (4/2---4/15)

    Solon Stampede is  IDLE at Home (4/2--4/15)

    Riverside Baseball Club is IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    11U Baseball

    11U BHM----IDLE

    Willoughby Wildcats----IDLE


    12U Baseball

    Dugout Sports at Mentor Cardinals--April 13


    10U Baseball

    Chagrin Falls (Nystrom)---April 9---Kenston Bombers at CF (NY)

    April 15---Lyndhurst Lightning at CF (NY)

    Cleveland Renegades----IDLE

    Ohio Rebels at Willoughby Wildcats on April 18th on Todd #4

    Aurora Green is IDLE at Home from April1 through April 15.


    9U Baseball

    Aurora Green----IDLE

    Chagrin Falls Black---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    Aurora Aces at Twinsburg Tigers on 4/16 at 5:30 on Liberty #4

    Willoughby Wildcats are IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    2024 Early Schedules (April)

    13U April Games


    04/30 DIAMOND DOGS (H) VS. MENTOR 6:00PM


    Geauga Knights 13U

    Monday April 15th, @6pm

    Saturday April 20th, @11am

    Monday April 29th, @6pm

    Ohio Tide---IDLE

    AC Rebels---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    8U Baseball

    Highland Heights Herd is IDLE at Home (4/2---4/15)

    Solon Stampede is  IDLE at Home (4/2--4/15)

    Riverside Baseball Club is IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    11U Baseball

    11U BHM----IDLE

    Willoughby Wildcats----IDLE


    12U Baseball

    Dugout Sports at Mentor Cardinals--April 13


    10U Baseball

    Chagrin Falls (Nystrom)---April 9---Kenston Bombers at CF (NY)

    April 15---Lyndhurst Lightning at CF (NY)

    Cleveland Renegades----IDLE

    Ohio Rebels at Willoughby Wildcats on April 18th on Todd #4

    Aurora Green is IDLE at Home from April1 through April 15.


    9U Baseball

    Aurora Green----IDLE

    Chagrin Falls Black---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    Aurora Aces at Twinsburg Tigers on 4/16 at 5:30 on Liberty #4

    Willoughby Wildcats are IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    2024 Early Schedules (April)

    13U April Games


    04/30 DIAMOND DOGS (H) VS. MENTOR 6:00PM


    Geauga Knights 13U

    Monday April 15th, @6pm

    Saturday April 20th, @11am

    Monday April 29th, @6pm

    Ohio Tide---IDLE

    AC Rebels---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    8U Baseball

    Highland Heights Herd is IDLE at Home (4/2---4/15)

    Solon Stampede is  IDLE at Home (4/2--4/15)

    Riverside Baseball Club is IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)


    11U Baseball

    11U BHM----IDLE

    Willoughby Wildcats----IDLE


    12U Baseball

    Dugout Sports at Mentor Cardinals--April 13


    10U Baseball

    Chagrin Falls (Nystrom)---April 9---Kenston Bombers at CF (NY)

    April 15---Lyndhurst Lightning at CF (NY)

    Cleveland Renegades----IDLE

    Ohio Rebels at Willoughby Wildcats on April 18th on Todd #4

    Aurora Green is IDLE at Home from April1 through April 15.


    9U Baseball

    Aurora Green----IDLE

    Chagrin Falls Black---IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    Aurora Aces at Twinsburg Tigers on 4/16 at 5:30 on Liberty #4

    Willoughby Wildcats are IDLE at Home (4/1---4/15)

    2024 Season Start----Let's Play Ball


    Let's get our Schedules posted ASAP.  The information is forthcoming to your email.  Be on the lookout!

    Scheduling Meeting--February 17

    February Scheduling Meeting:

    Saturday, February 17th------9:30am-----8U

    Saturday, Feb. 17th-----10:15am----9U

    Saturday, Feb. 17th-----11am-----10U

    Saturday, Feb. 17th-----NOON---11U

    Saturday, Feb 17th----1pm-----12U

    Saturday, Feb. 17th----1:45pm---13U & up

    The meetings will be held at the Chagrin Falls Library.  There is limited parking so please be prepared to park across the street.  The Library is located at 100 E. Orange, Chagrin Falls, 44022.

    2024 Committed Teams


    Aurora Athletics         Mentor Cardinals

    North Coast Rebels    Kirtland Hornets

    Prospects Baseball     Geauga Knights

    Diamond Dogs             Ohio Tide

    Stow Bulldogs


    Aurora Green                       Kenston Bombers

    Lyndhurst Lightning          Lyndhurst Thunder

    Solon Stampede                  Hudson White

    Mentor Cardinals (Ellis)    Stow Bulldogs

    Nordonia Knights                Andy's Niners

    Chagrin Falls Tigers           Ohio Tide

    Aurora Aces                          Dugout Baseball



    BHM                             Lyndhurst Lightning 

    Aurora Green               Chardon Eagles

    Geauga Knights           Mentor Cardinals  

    Solon Stampede              Hudson White

    Nordonia Knights        Ohio Tide

    Willoughby Wildcats   

    North Coast Rebels     Perry Pirates


    Solon Stampede             Ohio Rebels

    Aurora Green                  Cleveland Renegades

    Knights Baseball               Chagrin Falls (T)

    Kenston Bombers (W)    Mentor Cardinals

    Prospects Baseball         Euclid Panthers

    Willoughby Wildcats        Kirtland Hornets

    Riverside Baseball            Lyndhurst Lightning

    Mentor Diamond Dogs   Chagrin Falls (N)

    Andy's Niners                    Stow Bulldogs

    Aurora Aces


    Aurora Green                    Young Bucks

    Mentor Cardinals (O)            Solon Stampede

    Chagrin Falls Tigers        Kenston Bombers

    RD Diamond Dogs           Knights Baseball

    Mentor Cardinals (J)     Riverside Baseball Club

    Highland Hts. Herd          BHM

    Perry Pirates                       Willoughby Wildcats

    Kirtland Hornets                Perry Pirates Black

    Chagrin Falls Black           Twinsburg Tigers


    Solon Stampede                Highland Hts. Herd

    Diamond Kings                 RD Diamond Dogs

    Young Bucks                      Mentor Black

    Chagrin Falls                     Chardon Eagles

    Yellow Jackets                   Mentor Red

    Dugout Baseball                Willoughby Wildcats

    Kenston Bombers (O)        Knights Baseball

    Riverside Baseball Club    Kenston Bombers (K)

    Impact Baseball                 Aurora Aces

    2024 Buckeye Baseball League Meeting---November 8

    The Buckeye Baseball League will be having our first organizational meeting for the 2024 season on Wednesday, November 8th at 7pm at the Chagrin Falls Library located at 100 E. Orange Street (44022).  The meeting will last approximately 1 hour.

    2024 Spring-Summer Tournaments Announced

    The following events will be local Northeast Ohio events for 2024.  

    1)  May 17---19 (9U & 11U)----The Aviator---Cleveland Airport fields, Brooklyn---12 teams per Age Division

    2)  May 31---June 2 (10U & 12U)----Lake Erie Championship--Brooklyn, possibly Cleveland Airport fields---12 teams per Age Division

    3)  June 14---16 (9U---13U)----The Underdog----Venue TBA---12 teams per Age Division

    4)  June 21---June 23 (9U---13U)---KING OF THE CITY----Cleveland Airport fields, Brooklyn---12 teams per Age Division

    ***Once I am solidly told cost for field rental, the price of the Tournament will be included.  This will happen soon.**

    Please contact T.C. Murphy with questions or registration requests at (216)551-0728 or

    Buckeye Baseball Plays at Progressive

    Buckeye Baseball Plays at Progressive Field--9/19

    On Tuesday, September 19, TWENTY TEAMS from the Buckeye Baseball League will demonstrate their skills on the Major League Baseball Field at Progressive.  Good Luck to ALL teams!

    Buckeye Fall Baseball Standings---After WEEK 5

    Buckeye Fall Baseball Standings---post WEEK 5


    Geauga Knights  2-0

    Chagrin Falls Tigers  4-3-1

    CLE Wildcats  4-2

    Aurora Green   0-5-1

    Mentor Cardinals



    Lyndhurst Lightning  3-5

    Premier Baseball  7-3

    Chagrin Falls Tigers  5-4-1

    Geauga Knights  2-5-1

    NC USA Rebels  2-6

    Rawlings Tigers  3-7



    Ohio Tide  8-0

    NC USA Rebels  4-2

    2024 Buckeye Fall Baseball----WEEK 1 Schedule

    Saturday, August 19

    Geauga Knights (Cramer)9U/10U (46x65) at Premier at 12pm and 2pm at 8938 Broadview Rd., Broadview Hts., Ohio

    NC Rebels (HiggSat) vs. 428 Athletics (46x65)  (Mayfield) at 10am and 12pm

    CF (T) at Aurora Green

    Ohio Tide (50x70) at GK © at 9am and 11am at Munson Twp. Park located at 12641 Bass Lake Rd., Chardon, Ohio 44024

    NC Rebels (Swag) at Lyndhurst (50x70) at 9:30am and 11:30 am at 1840 Brainard Rd., Lyndhurst, 44124

    Rawlings Tigers at CF (Drum)

    Mentor Cardinals idle

    Buckeye Baseball League Fall Results---WEEK 4 & WEEK 5

    WEEK 5 Results

    Geauga Knights (12U)  6     Chagrin Falls  5

    Geauga Knights  4    Chagrin Falls  4

    Premier (11/12)  12    Rawlings Tigers  3

    Rawlings Tigers  7    Premier   6

    Chagrin Falls (10U)  16    Aurora Green  7

    Aurora Green  11   Chagrin Falls  11


    Ohio Tide (13U) 15   Rawlings Tigers (12U)  1 

    Ohio Tide  7    Rawlings Tigers  2

    Premier Baseball (11U)  9  NC USA Rebels 7

    Premier Baseball  7    NC USA Rebels   6

    Geauga Knights (10U) 18  Chagrin Falls  6

    Geauga Knights  16   Chagrin Falls  6  

    Lyndhurst Lightning (12U)   5   Chagrin Falls (11U)   1

    Chagrin Falls   8    Lyndhurst Lightning   3


    Buckeye Fall Baseball Results---Weeks 2 & 3

    Buckeye Fall Baseball Results---Week 3

    Premier (11U)   8       Chagrin Falls (11U)    5

    Chagrin Falls (11U)   6     Premier (11U)    4

    Ohio Tide (13U)   3       NC USA Rebels(13U)   2

    Ohio Tide (13U)    6      NC USA Rebels (13U)   5

    CLE Wildcats (10U)   12    Chagrin Falls (10U)   5

    Chagrin Falls (10U)    5     CLE Wildcats (10U)   4

    Lyndhurst Lightning (12U)    4      Rawlings Tigers (12U)   3

    Lyndhurst Lightning   9         Rawlings Tigers    5

    Geauga Knights (12U)   17     NC USA Rebels   7

    NC USA Rebels (12U)   7     Geauga Knights   6      


    Buckeye Fall Baseball Results----WEEK 2

    Ohio Tide (13U)   11     Lyndhurst Lightning (12U)   1

    Ohio Tide (13U)    10   Lyndhurst Lightning (12U)   9

    Premier (11U)   9    Rawlings Tigers (11U)   2

    Rawlings Tigers  (11U)   6    Premier (11U)   3

    CLE Wildcats (10U)  7   Aurora Green (9U)   5

    CLE Wildcats (10U)  8    Aurora Green (9U)   7

    Chagrin Falls 11u - 6    NC Rebels- 5

    Chagrin Falls 11u - 10  NC Rebels - 1

    Buckeye Fall Baseball Results---WEEK 1


    NC Rebels(11U)    6     428 Knights(10U)  4 

    428 Knights(10U)  7    NC Rebels(11U)   1

    Ohio Tide(13U)  17     Geauga Knights(12U)  2

    Ohio Tide (13U)   14   Geauga Knights(12U)  0

    Chagrin Falls (11U)  5   Rawlings Tigers(11U)  2

    Rawlings Tigers(11U)   3    Chagrin Falls(11U)   2

    Premier Baseball (11U)   5    Chagrin Falls (10U)   4

    Premier Baseball    15      Chagrin Falls  2

    NC Rebels(13U)  15   Lyndhurst Lightning(12U)  4

    NC Rebels (Swag)  11  Lyndhurst Lightning  1

    Chagrin Falls(10U)   11    Aurora Green(9U)  11

    Chagrin Falls  17     Aurora Green  12   

    2024 Buckeye Fall Baseball Divisions

    2024 Buckeye Fall Baseball Divisions

    9U/10U                       11U/12U

    Aurora Green               Chagrin Falls (Drum)

    Chagrin Falls                Geauga Knights(Corradi)

    GK (Cramer)                 Premier—(Restifo)

    428 Athletics                NC Rebels (Higg)

     Mentor Cardinals       Lyndhurst Lightning

                                            Rawlings Tigers  



                                          Ohio Tide (Garrett)

           NC USA (Swag)

    Buckeye Baseball League Teams Play at Progressive Field

    The Buckeye Baseball League will be hosting 20 of their Teams playing at Progressive Field on Tuesday, September 12th.  Check out the Lineup below and come out and join the fun!

    530----8U---Mentor Cardinals (Overton) vs. Geauga Knights/ 8U Aurora Green vs. Mentor Cardinals (Jerin)

    630---9U---Solon Stampede vs. Aurora Green/ 9U Mentor Cardinals vs. Stow

    730----11USolon Stampede vs. Aurora Green/ 10U Solon Stampede vs. Lyndhurst Lightning

    830---11U Streetsboro Rockets vs. Mentor Cardinals/ 11U White Caps Baseball vs. Euclid Panthers

    930---12U Solon Stampede vs. Diamond Dogs/ 12U Geauga Knights vs. Willoughby Wildcats

    Buckeye Fall Baseball League

    The Buckeye Baseball League is hosting a Fall Baseball League for all teams interested.

    The Divisions that your Team can play in are as follows:

    8U, 8U/9U, 9U, 9U/10U, 10U, 11U, 11U/12U, 12U, 13U, 13U/14U

    The League will have you select a primary day of Saturday or Sunday and place your squad according to that need.

     We will use Mayfield Fields, Aurora Field and Brooklyn Fields.  We will likely have more venues as teams join as well for your convenience.

    August 19/20

    August 26/27

    Labor Day Weekend---No Games

    September 9/10

    September 16/17

    September 23/24

    September 30/October 1

    Playoff/Championship October 7/October 8

    Fall Baseball is about development and having your players improve.

    The price for Fall Baseball is $425 which provides fields for your games.  If you wish to use your own home field for 2 weekends or more, the price is $325.

    Please contact T.C. Murphy for your Registration Form and more details at or at (216)551-0728

    Play Ball!

    Playoff Schedules for League Championships

    2024 8U League Championship Playoff Bracket

    #4 Riverside Baseball Club 1  at #1 Aurora Green  3

    #3 Chagrin Falls 0  at #2 Mentor Cardinals (Overton)  7

    #2 Mentor Black (Overton) 6 at #1 Aurora Green  4


    #4 Kenston (Koterba) 0  at #1 Geauga Knights  8

    #3 Mentor Cardinals (Jerin) 3  at #2 Solon Stampede  o

    #1 Geauga Knights  6  #3 Mentor Red (Jerin)  1

    8U Championship

    #2 Mentor Black (Overton) 11   vs. #1 Geauga Knights   11

    8U Championship End in Tie; Co-Champions Crowned 

    The 8U Championship game between Division Champion Geauga Knights  and the Mentor Cardinals (Overton) was one for the ages!  This epic contest went back and forth all game.  During two points in the game, it appeared that the Knights were prepared to snatch the crown from the tight grip of the relentless Cardinals.  However, this tough Mentor group would not give in.  It was a sight to see!  

    Heading into the bottom of the 6th inning, the Knights needed to shut down Mentor to claim victory, but the resilient Cardinals would not let that happen!  The young Mentor club came back with key hitting and baserunning to force the game into extra innings.  In the top of the 7th inning the Geauga Knights added a few more runs and it seemed as though their victory was certain.  Once again though, these gritty Cardinals answered with some great hitting and ended up evening the score once again.

    As night fell on these two mighty foes, the game had to be called on account of darkness in order to ensure the safety of the youngsters.  Had this game been able to continue, they may still playing now because this spectator doubts that either team would loosen their tight grip on the desired trophy.  What a game!

    Great job by both teams and a shout out to both healthy in number fan bases.  The crowd was boisterous in their support of their respective team, but classy in the end in reference to their respect to their opponents.  Great job, Buckeye League faithful! 


    2024 9U League Championship Playoff Bracket

    #4 Willoughby Wildcats  3 at #1 Solon Stampede  4

    #3 Chagrin Falls Tigers 18  at #2 428 Athletics  12

    #1 Solon Stampede  12  #3 Chagrin Falls 4


    #4 Kenston Bombers (W) at #1 Mentor Cardinals  15

    #3 Knights Baseball 3  at #2 Aurora Green  4

    #2 Aurora Green  12  Mentor Cardinals  9 (extra innings)

    9U Championship

    #1 Solon Stampede 4   #2 Aurora Green   2

    Undefeated Solon Stampede Holds on to Capture the 9U League Championship

    It is a rare and wonderful thing to walk away from a game and season with the strongest of feelings for a team in defeat.  That is exactly what happened last night in the 9U League Championship Game.  The tenacious Aurora Green 9U squad earned the utmost respect from everyone lucky enough to be in attendance for last night's Championship.  The Aurora Green team endured a juggernaut of a playoff bracket winning narrowly twice to earn their way to the Championship beating a tough Geauga Knights team 4-3 and then, beating the Ruth Division Champion, Mentor Cardinals in extra innings.  Last evening, the Aurora Green displayed how and why they were there to represent their home community in their backyard.  

    While the Aurora Green played flawlessly in the field and challenged the Stampede's outstanding pitching all game long, it just wasn't enough.  The undefeated Solon Stampede vanquished Aurora 4-2 with great defense of their own and some powerful hitting.  This game came down to the very last out and the Solon boys could once again breathe as they preserved their undefeated gem of a season.  The outstanding and pinpoint pitching on the part of the Solon Stampede proved to be the difference in order to claim victory.

    After the last out suddenly occurred, the 9U Solon Stampede racously celebrated.  Normally, because of the level of the Stampede jubilation, spectators might find that a tad annoying.  Not last night!  Whoever came away victorious, the plentiful crowd understood, created a well-deserved opportunity to joyously celebrate because both teams are truly so skilled.  The Solon Stampede deserved their "fiesta" upon victory.

    Baseball has the ability to "bring the kid out" in everyone and last night's game served this eternal, American truth.  The faithful and classy crowd appreciated and acknowledged the great effort of both teams all night long.  It was refreshing that while each spectator of course was there to support their team, a high level of respect for their mighty foe was observed throughout this contest.  This is a testament to the players, their coaches, their parents and all of the fans.  Last night made me very proud to be the Director of this great League in having the ability to sit back and witness not just a great battle of two outstanding teams, but the level of respect and class demonstrated by one and all who were there.

    On the long drive home from the beautiful Aurora Park, I smiled as I reflected on what just took place.  I recalled with admiration the resolve and skill that the Solon Stampede displayed to earn the victory and a large part of me felt a sadness for the Aurora team who also gave all that had with their great effort.  When this happens to a person, one knows that they observed something special.  All of us "can't wait" for next year's Buckeye Baseball League's 10U Upper Division battles.  It will be special!

    A special thanks goes out the City of Aurora, the Aurora Parks and Recreation Department and Nick Miller for providing and decorating such a beautiful field for the kids.  Thank you!


    2024 10U League Championship Playoff Bracket

    #4 Mentor Cardinals at #1 Aurora Green  14

    #3 Solon Stampede   6  at #2 Geauga Knights  2

    Semi-Final Game is Solon at Aurora on Thursday, July 6 at 6pm at Hartman Park on Field #18

    #3 Solon Stampede  4   #1 Aurora Green  2

    #4 Ohio Rebels at #1  Willoughby Wildcats  12

    #3 Bobcats Baseball 11  at #2 Lyndhurst Lightning  5

    #1 Willoughby Wildcats  8  #3 Bobcats Baseball  7

    10U Championship

    #1 Willoughby Wildcats  8   #3 Solon Stampede  4

    Willoughby Wildcats Win League Championship 

    The 10U Willoughby Wildcats came off of their 2024 9U Campaign will the resolve of Sisyphus.  (The myth of Sisyphus is the story of the man who over and over pushed a huge boulder to the top of a large hill only to have it keep rolling back down the hill as the challenge was repeatedly too great.)  However, the mighty Wildcats pushed that boulder up the hill and over to the other side last night.

    The Willoughby Wildcats outlasted a scrappy Solon Stampede team 8-4 to claim the 10U Buckeye Baseball League Championship.  The calm Wildcats seemed to be in control all evening, but in that calm, the Stampede were not going to relent.  In the end, the Stampede surged with some great hitting including a screaming shot down the left field line in the last innings, but it just wasn't enough.

    The game was played with great pitching on both sides and stupendous defense.  The game showed the crowd some Major League plays in the field.  At one point in this fierce contest, the Willoughby Left Fielder made a great sliding catch in the gap that stopped a potential Stampede rally.  The Willoughby Second Baseman made an unusually 'brave' play when when a hard hit ground ball took an unusual bounce that might have "taken his head off" had it been missed.  The poised Wildcat 2B handled the play as if it were routine by calmly fielding the missile and throwing the runner out.  The defensive play of the evening was provided by the Stampede Center Fielder.  On a crisply hit ball hit out to CF, the Stampede defender sprinted in, dove on his stomach to make a diving circus catch for the out.  I have never witnessed such a great catch by 10U player!

    Congratulations go out to both teams who fought diligently.  Great job, boys! 


    2024 11U League Championship Playoff Bracket

    #6 Perry Pirates at #3 Mentor Cardinals; winner versus #2 Streetsboro Rockets

    #6 Perry Pirates 12  #3 Mentor Cardinals  2

    #6 Perry Pirates  9  Streetsboro Rockets  8

    #5 White Caps Baseball 0  at #4 Willoughby Wildcats  7   

    #1 Euclid Panthers  4  #4 Willoughby Wildcats  1

    11U League Championship

    #6 Perry Pirates vs. #1 Euclid Panthers on Tuesday, July 11 at 6:15pm at Field 17 Hartman Park at 305 Towline Road


    2024 12U League Championship Bracket

    #4 Kenston Bombers (Home) vs. #5 Mentor Diamond Dogs; winner vs. #1 Willoughby Wildcats

    #5 Diamond Dogs at #1 Willoughby on Tuesday, July 11 at Grant

    #6 Geauga Knights at #3 Lyndhurst Lightning; winner versus #2 Solon Stampede

    2024 Silver and Bronze Brackets

    10U Silver Bracket

    #4 Perry Pirates 7  at #1 Ohio Tide  11

    #3 Aurora Aces 12  at #2 Chardon Eagles  20

    #4 Kenston Bombers at #1 CLE Prospects  31

    #3 Dugout Baseball 4  at #2 Chagrin Falls  9


    11U Silver Bracket

    #8 BHM 1   at #1 Aurora Geen  9

    #5 Mentor Cardinals 8  at #4 Lyndhurst Lightning  12

    #7 Geauga Knights 0  at #2 Solon Stampede  7

    #6 Kenston Bombers at #3 Ohio Rebels


    2024 Bronze 11U Bracket

    #5 Chagrin Falls 16   at # 4 Stow  4  ; winner versus Kento Colonels

    #6 Auroa Aces at #3 Nordonia (Wednesday, July 5)

    #7 Ohio Tide 8  at # 2Hudson White  16

    2024 Silver 12U Bracket

    #4 NP Hornets at #1 Aurora Athletics  7

    #3 Ohio Tide 16   at #2 Mentor Cardinals  7

    Lyndhurst & N. Royalton in Perfect 10 Championship

    “Perfect 10” Tournament Scoreboard

    Lyndhurst Lightning   15          Kenston Bombers    0

    Lyndhurst Lightning   14         White Caps Baseball  5

    North Royalton Bears  15         Kenston Bombers   3

    North Royalton Bears  5          White Caps Baseball  2

    Sunday, June 4

    Third Place Game at 10:30am

    Kenston Bombers (3rd Base dugout)  vs. White Caps Baseball

    Championship Game for Perfect 10 at 1:00 pm

    Lyndhurst Lightning (3rd base dugout)  vs. North Royalton Bears

    The Kenston Bombers 10U team went 0-2 today in tournament play, but not due to poor play.  They are unquestionably the "unluckiest" team in baseball right now.  The Bomber players bashed pitch after pitch in both of their contests today, but every single time they did, it was hit right at someone or the fielders made outstanding plays on their smacks. Unlucky!

    Tomorrow, the Kenston Bombers will square off against a very talented White Caps Baseball (0-2) squad at 10:30am at Fenway Park.  The White Caps are 0-2 in tournament action as well, but they played some great baseball!  The White Caps were beaten 14-5 in their first contest versus the formidable Lyndhurst Lightning club, but came back strong in the 2nd bout.  

    The fiesty White Caps team were beating the tough North Royalton Bears team 2-0 heading into the bottom of the 5th inning with the Bears coming to the plate.  With two outs, the score now 2-2 and the bases "juiced," a Royalton batter smashed a double to CF clearing the bases making the score 5-2.  The White Caps threatened in the top of the last inning, but were unable to put up the necessary runs for victory.

    Two top tier teams will square off in the Championship Game tomorrow at 1pm.  The Champion team from the Buckeye Baseball League, the Lyndhurst Lightning, will play the CVBA power North Royalton Bears.  Come out tomorrow to see this great contest for all the marbles!


    On Sunday, June 17th at 6pm, the 10U Willoughby Wildcats and the 10U Geauga Knights will play an Exhibition Game at Progressive Field where the Cleveland Guardians play!  In early May, this opportunity began as a conversation between myself and a Company out of Long Island, N.Y. who is hosting the event.   This is one of many perks that Buckeye Baseball League teams can take advantage of!

    This fantastic opportunity is being offered for FREE through the Buckeye Baseball League!  I am being told that in the future that there will be other opportunities like this.  If/When that occurs, I will open the opportunity up League-wide on a first come basis.

    The Buckeye Baseball League makes things happen!  The Buckeye Baseball League makes Baseball Dreams come true!

    2024 Northeast Ohio Tournaments

    Please click on the 2024 Tournament tab on the Home Page to review the exciting Tournaments that are upcoming in 2024!

    We want you in!

    Give T.C. Murphy a call at (216)551-0728 to discuss the great opportunities available.

    Willoughby Wildcats Take Aviator Championship

    The 12U Willoughby Wildcats defeated a very tough Impact Baseball Club in the Aviator Tournament Championship 10-8.  Impact Baseball jumped out to a 4-1 lead, which inspired Willoughby to come from behind all game long.  The score was deadlocked after 5 innings 7-7 with Willoughby at the plate in the top of the 6th.  Some great hitting and savvy baserunning produced the 3 deciding runs for the Wildcats.  Of course, the mighty Impact team was not going to go away without a fight.  Impact had multiple baserunners on base in the bottom of the last inning and scored one run to get within striking distance.  However, solid defense on the part of Willoughby ended Impact's bid by throwing a runner out at 2nd base to close out the victory.

    Impact Baseball was the #1 Seed going into the final day in the Elimination Round.  Heading into the Championship Game, Impact had only relinquished a stingy 3 runs in 3 contests.  Although Impact Baseball was disappointed in finishing as the Runner-Up, they are a great baseball team and have much to be proud of.  Keep your eyes on this talented group out of Impact Baseball.  They have quality, committed players along with a veteran, caring coaching staff.

    The Willoughby Wildcats had to win three games in a row on Elimination Sunday in order to capture the Aviator Championship.  The Wildcats defeated a resilient and up and coming Mentor Cardinals team 15-6.  The Wildcats then, had to play their arch-rival Lyndhurst Lightning in the Semi-Final game.  In a very exciting game, Willoughby once again had to come from behind to seize the win from the talented Lightning team.

    12U Aviator Tournament Schedule 2024

    Friday, May 5     Pool Play

    6:15 pm Memorial #1  Lyndhurst Lightning 15 vs. North Coast White 5

    6:15 pm Memorial #2 Willoughby Wildcats  5 vs. North Coast Red  3


    Saturday, May 6     Pool Play

    10:00 am Memorial #1 Impact Baseball  8 vs. North Coast Red  0

    12:00 am Memorial #1 Mentor Cardinals   4  vs. Lyndhurst Lightning  16

    1:00 pm Memorial #2 Willoughby Wildcats  3  vs. Impact Baseball  4

    2:30 pm Memorial #1 Mentor Cardinals  8   vs. North Coast White   14


    Sunday, May 7   Single Elimination

    Game #1: 10:00 am Memorial #1    #5 Seed: North Coast Red (3rd Base dugout) vs. North Coast White (#4 Seed--Home)

    Game #2  10:00 am Memorial #2    #6 Seed: Mentor (3rd Base dugout) 6   vs. Willoughby Wildcats (#3 Seed--Home)   15

    Game #3 12:00 pm (Memorial #1)   North Coast Red  0  vs.  Impact Baseball (#1 Seed---Home)  6

    Game #4 12:00 pm (Memorial #2)  Willoughby Wildcats  9  vs. Lyndhurst Lighning (#2 Seed---Home)   8

    Championship Game

    2:45 pm  Memorial #1     Willoughby Wildcats  10  Impact Baseball  8

    2024 Buckeye Scheduling Meeting

    The Buckeye Baseball League will have its annual Scheduling Meeting on Saturday, February 18th.  This season's meeting will be held at The Hub located at 4734 Topps Industrial Parkway in Willoughby (44094).

    8U at 8am

    9U at 9am

    10U at 10am

    11U at 11am

    12U at noon

    Each team needs a representative present.  If the Head Coach cannot make the meeting, please send an Assistant Coach.  You will need to have your dates for your home fields at the meeting.  You will be given a informational packet and a copy of a Calendar will be provided for you.  

    2024 Team List (2-7)



    Mentor Black (O)                    Riverside Baseball Club

    Kenston Bombers(T)              Geauga Knights

    Chagrin Falls                           Aurora Green

    Solon Stampede                      RD Diamond Dawgs

    Impact Baseball                       Mentor Black (J)

    Kenston Bombers(K)               Willoughby Wildcats

    Perry Pirates



    Ohio Rebels                                        Chagrin Falls Tigers

    Aurora Green                                      CLE Prospects

    Willoughby Wildcats                          Cleveland Renegades

    Mentor Cardinals                                 Kenston Bombers(Gerber)

    Solon Stampede                                  PN Hornets

    Geauga Knights                                  428 Athletics---H H

    Kenston Bombers (Wright)                 Lyndhurst Lightning

    Riverside Baseball Club                     Diamond Dogs

    Chagrin Falls (Ny)                           Crestwood King Cobras


    Cle Prospects                          Chardon Eagles

    Geauga Knights                      Mentor Cardinals

    Perry Pirates                            Willoughby Wildcats

    Lyndhurst Lightning               Aurora Green

    Chagrin Falls Tigers                Kenston Bombers

    Solon Stampede                      PN Hornets

    Ohio Rebels                            Bobcats Baseball Club

    Midwest Stars                         Aurora Aces

    Ohio Tide



    Hudson White ©                                 Solon Stampede

    Stow Bulldogs                                    Streetsboro Rockets

    Euclid Panthers                                   Ohio Tide

    Mentor Cardinals(Ellis)                      Geauga Knights

    Ohio Rebels                                        Kent Colonels

    Lyndhurst Lightning                           Perry Pirates

    Aurora Green                                      Chagrin Falls

    Kenston Bombers                               BHM

    Willoughby Wildcats                          Hudson Blue (B)

    Aurora Aces                                        Nordonia Knights

    White Caps Baseball


    Lyndhurst Lightning                          Willoughby Wildcats

    Solon Stampede                                  Diamond Dogs

    Aurora Athletics                                 PN Hornets

    Mentor Cardinals                                Aurora Green

    Kenston Bombers                               Geauga Knights

     Ohio Tide

    January Buckeye League Meeting---January 18th

    The January Organizational Meeting for the Buckeye Baseball League will be held via Zoom on January 18th at 7pm.  Teams who have committed to the League or have expressed interest will receive the link to the Meeting on the afternoon of January 18th.

    2024 League Champions will (including Silver Bracket Champions) will receive a PAID BERTH to the Top Gun Southeastern World Series in North Carolina on July 28---30 or a future Top Gun event TBD.

    If you would like to be part of the Meeting, please contact T.C. Murphy at (216)551-0728 or


    Lyndhurst Lightning Shock Aurora Greenmen in 9U Championship

    The Lyndhurst Lightning were relentless in their pursuit of the 9U crown on Tuesday evening.  The Lightning were playing from behind all night long until the top of the last inning.  Lyndhurst was down to their final 3 outs and down by 1 run.  With aggressive baserunning and clutch hitting, Lyndhurst took the lead 4-3 as Aurora came to take their swings in the bottom of the 6th inning.  As Aurora attempted to mount a comeback, the Lyndhurst defense would not "give an inch" and earned their precious Championship.

    The Aurora Greenmen had a great season by winning the Gehrig Division in the Regular Season and by earning the #1 Seed for the League Championship.  

    Circle the date in 2024 when these two teams will fight it out again next season.  These contests will be "must see" events!

    8U Solon Stampede Defeats Mentor Cardinals in Finale

    The hot-streaking Mentor Cardinals were stopped 2-1 in the 8U Championship game by the Solon Stampede.  The Cardinals came a long way this season after a slow start.  The young Mentor group worked together and earned their way to the Championship by beating the overall #1 team (at the time) in the Semi-Final.  What a great season for these young Cardinals!

    The Solon Stampede earned their Championship victory with great pitching, outstanding defense and timely hitting.  The victory was won in the bottom of the final inning with Solon scoring the deciding run just in time.

    Congrats to both teams!

    Link to League Rules


    Races to the League Championships Heating Up

    League Championship Playoff Races Heating Up

    The 9U division is always a fan favorite because generally this is many players' and parents' experience in Travel Baseball, and because the fans truly enjoy watching these teams vastly improve over a season.  In the Buckeye Baseball League, this year is no different.

    The Ruth Division in 9U has 3 teams still alive with the Gehrig Division having 1 team remaining.  The upstart 9U Geauga Knights were the #4 Seed who knocked off the #1 Seed to advance to the Semi-Finals.  The Knights will play the #2 Perry Pirates this coming Monday in Perry.  The Pirates had to outlast a pugnacious Crestwood Red Devils team 9-6 to earn their way to the Semis.  On the other side of the 9U Bracket, this coming Monday on July 5, the #1 Euclid Panthers will host the #2 Solon Stampede.  The winner of what promises to be a battle royale will earn the right to test either the Perry Pirates or the Geauga Knights.

    In the 9U Semi-Finals, the Euclid Panthers showed the Solon Stampede why they were the frontrunners all year long.  The Panthers beat the Solon Stampede 6-0 on the strength of a great outing by Joey Godina who earned the shutout.  The Perry Pirate-Geauga Knights Semi-Final game was an exciting endeavor.  With Perry leading going into the top of the final inning, but in true Geauga Knight form, the Knights would not go down easily.  The Knights came back in the final inning to tie the game up at 6-6.  Unfortunately for the Knights, the great offensive machine that is the Perry Pirates could not be stopped and Perry was victorious 7-6.

    In the 10U Race for the League Championship, the 10U Geauga Knights have weathered many storms to earn their way all the way to the League Championship.  Under the Guidance of Coach Hejduk, the Knights have been a team to watch all season long.  In order to earn their way into the Playoffs, these crafty Knights had to vanquish a tough Willoughby Wildcat team in a "play in" game 1 day before the actual Playoffs started due to being tied with Willoughby in the regular season.  The next day, Geauga showed up to play the #1 mighty Streetsboro Rockets only to have wait out the unrelenting weather.  As a result, the Knights had to return to Streetsboro on Thursday to play.  In a bitter battle, the Knights outlasted the Rockets 5-3.  What a game!  The following evening, the Knights traveled to play #3 seeded Kenston Bombers where the Knights pounded out 17 runs to defeat the Bombers.

    On the other side of the 10U Bracket, the #1 Cleveland Buckeyes defeated the #4 Aurora Athletics 8-0 to earn their way to the Semi-Finals.  The #3 Lyndhurst Lightning traveled to Solon Community Park to play the ultra-talented Solon Stampede squad.  The Lightning found enough "juice" to hold off a great Stampede team 7-6 to advance to the Semi-Finals.  The Lyndhurst  Lightning will travel to Painesville on Wednesday, July 7th to take on the 1 loss and #1 Cleveland Buckeyes.


    8U Buckeye Baseball Division


    Geauga Knights                           

    Kenston Bombers                       

    Mentor Cardinals (V)                   

    Chagrin Falls Tigers                     

    Aurora Green                                

    Mentor Cardinals (J)                      


    Registered Teams 2024--13U & 14U


    Game Day Bulls

    Diamond Dogs

    Lake County Rangers

    Lake Erie Storm

    True Timber

    Beasts Baseball

    Aurora Green

    Ohio Tide

    Chardon Mad Batters

    Beasts Baseball



    Chagrin Falls Tigers                     

    Bobcats Baseball                             

    Mentor Cardinals                                            

    Hudson Explorers                                           


    Sidewinders Select                                              

    North Coast  USA                                                

    Heights Tigers


    Diamond Dogs

    Lake County Crushers

    Eastside Tropics

    Geauga Knights

    Hambden Havoc

    Buckeye Baseball League---2024---Registered Teams

    9U                                                         10U

    Beasts Baseball                                           Solon Stampede

    Streetsboro Rockets                                     Kenston Bombers

    Solon Stampede                                           Streetsboro Rockets

    Chardon Mad Batters                                   Geauga Knights

    Aurora Green                                                Aurora Green

    Willoughby Wildcats                                    Willoughby Wildcats

    Perry Pirates                                                  Perry Pirates

    Chagrin Falls Tigers                                      BHM Buckeyes

    Kenston Bombers                                          Game Day Bulls

    Euclid Panthers                                               Mentor Cardinals

    Ohio Rebels                                            Diamond Dogs

    Geauga Knights                                              Ohio Tide

    Crestwood Red Devils                                   Orange Lions

                                                                            Beasts Baseball

                                                                 Lyndhurst Lightning

                                                                              Aurora Athletics

    2024 Rainout/Make-Up Guidelines

    2024 Rainout/Make-Up Policy Buckeye Baseball League


    March 31---May 7: Games that are rained out during this time period should be rescheduled within 3 weeks of the originally scheduled date.

    May 8---June 11: Games that are rained out during this time period should be rescheduled within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled date.

    June 12 and after: Games need to be rescheduled as soon as possible!!

    2024 Tryout Information

    Click above to see Tryouts for next season!!

    Lyndhurst Wins 11U League Championship with 16th Straight Win

    The 11U Lyndhurst Lightning outlasted the mighty Willoughby Wildcats to earn an 8-7 victory in the League Championship.  The Lyndhurst Lightning won their 16th game in a row to take the League Championship from the claws of the Willoughby Wildcats.  The game itself was a real "nail biter."  The game was back and forth throughout the contest.  Lyndhurst went up by 3 runs in the 4th inning only to feel the fierce resolve of Willoughby who cut the lead to 1 run heading into the final inning.  In the bottom of the last inning with Willoughby down by one run with two outs and a runner on 3rd base, the Lightning secured the final out and the Championship.

    The Willoughby Wildcats are well known as one of the top 11U teams in Northeast Ohio.  This season, on their way to their 11U Division Championship in the Buckeye League, the Willoughby Wildcats won a multitude of Tournaments.  The Wildcats finished in the top spot in The Opener, the Streetsboro Memorial Day Tournament, the North Canton Summer Shootout and the Dugout Qualifier.  The Wildcats finished as Runner-Up in the Lyndhurst Dad's Club Tournament.  As mentioned, while the Wildcats fell in the League Championship Game, they have much to be proud of.  Great job, Willoughby!

    The Lyndhurst Lightning have some fine credentials to add to their 11U Buckeye Baseball League Championship.  The Lightning also claimed Championships in two Tournaments: the Streetsboro Classic and the Bay Village Independence Day Tournament.  Of course, it should be noted once again that Lyndhurst ended its season with an incredible 16 wins in a row!  That's some "thunder and Lightning!"

    Circle the date in 2024 when the schedules come out for the Lyndhurst-Willoughby contests!  You will not want to miss these epic 12U battles!

    Streetsboro Rockets win 10U League Championship

    The mighty Euclid Panthers strolled their undefeated record into the League Championship Game after dominating their competition all year during the Regular Season.  However, the League Championship brought out the "turbo power" in the Streetsboro Rockets as Streetsboro defeated Euclid 9-3.

    The game was close until the 4th inning when the Streetsboro let their arsenal of hits loose.  Streetsboro pounded out 10 hits on their way to their League Championship.  The Rockets proved to have too much firepower on this night for the superb Euclid squad.

    Euclid finished their fantastic season with one loss and look forward to 2024 with vengeance on their mind.  Opponents beware!

    2024 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Match-Ups

    2024 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Match-Ups—8U

    The stage is set for the League Championship Game! In the Semi-Finals, the Solon Stampede secured a 3-1 victory over Aurora Green while the Mentor Cardinals (T) defeated the #1 Geauga Knights 8-0.  As a result, the hot-streaking Cardinals will travel to play the Solon Stampede in the finale.  The 8U Championship will be played on Tuesday, July 12th at Solon Community Park Field #9 at 6:15pm.

    #8 Chagrin Falls  1  at #1 Geauga Knights  13

    #5 Willoughby Wildcats  at #4 Mentor Cardinals (T)  12

    #4 Mentor Cardinals  8  at #1 Geauga Knights  0


    #7 Mentor Cardinals (D)  5  at #2 Aurora Green  6

    #6 Impact Baseball  3  at #3 Solon Stampede  6

    #3 Solon Stampede  3  at #2 Aurora Green  1


    2024 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Match-Ups—9U

    In 9U Semi-Final action, #1 Aurora Green outlasted a resilient Solon Stampede squad 12-11 in a thrilling contest.  The other Semi-Final game was equally exciting with skilled baserunning and timely hitting propelling the Lyndhurst Lightning to 2-1 victory over a very tough Willoughby Wildcats team. 

    The 9U Championship promises to be a good one!  The Aurora Green will square off against the Lyndhurst Lightning at 6:15pm in Willoughby at Todd Field #3 on Tuesday, July 12th.    

    #8 Mentor Cardinals  0  at #1 Aurora Green  7

    #5 Solon Stampede  19  at #4 Chardon Eagles  6

    #5 Solon Stampede  11  at  #1 Aurora Green  12


    #7 Kenston Bombers  0  at #2 Willoughby Wildcats  13

    #6 Geauga Knights  10  at #3 Lyndhurst Lightning  11

    #3 Lyndhurst Lightning  2  at  #2 Willoughby Wildcats  1


    2024 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Match-Ups—10U

    League Championship

    In the Semis, the #1 Euclid Panthers beat the Perry Pirates while the #2 Streetsboro Rockets defeated Andy's Niners 10-6.  The #2 Streetsboro Rockets will play the #1 Euclid Panthers on Tuesday, July 12th at Todd Field #4 at 6:15pm for the League Championship.

    #1 Euclid Panthers----BYE

    #5 Perry Pirates  17  at #4 Hudson Explorers  8

    #5 Perry Pirates  1  at #1 Euclid Panthers  13


    #7 Geauga Knights  9  at #2 Streetsboro Rockets  14

    #6 Aurora Green  6  at #3 Andy’s Niners  7

    #3 Andy's Niners  6  at #2 Streetsboro Rockets  10


    2024 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Match-Ups—10U

    Silver Bracket Championship

    #8 Solon Stampede----BYE

    #12 Kenston Bombers (Camp) 2  at #11 Kent Colonels  11

    #8 Solon Stampede  10  #11 Kent Colonels  8


    #9 Ohio Rebels---BYE

    #13 BHM Buckeyes  12  at #10 Chagrin Falls  11

    #9 Ohio Rebels   10  #13 BHM Buckeyes  5

    Silver Championship:

    Solon Stampede  20   Ohio Rebels  14


    2024 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Match-Ups—11U

    The #1 Willoughby Wildcats continues their reign of terror on the other 11U team to win their way to the Championship Game.  #3 Lyndhurst Lightning team beat #6 Mentor 4-2 in a very close balled game and then, survived a tight contest with #2 Geauga Knights 3-2.  The 11U Championship Game will be played on Tuesday, July 12th at 6:15 pm at Todd Field #1 where the Willoughby Wildcats will face the Lyndhurst Lightning.

    #8 Aurora Green   at #1 Willoughby Wildcats  15

    #5 Kenston Bombers   at #4 Aurora Athletics  15

    #4  Aurora Athletics  7    #1 Willoughby Wildcats  16


    #7 Gameday Bulls  0  at #2 Geauga Knights  12

    #6 Mentor Cardinals  2  at #3 Lyndhurst Lightning  4

    #3 Lyndhurst Lightning  3  #2 Geauga Knights  2

    Buckeye Baseball League & USSSA Partner

    The Buckeye Baseball League, the premier League on the East Side of Cleveland and parts south to Geauga, Portage and (northern) Summit Counties, has partnered with USSSA Baseball!

    USSSA Baseball is the finest and largest Travel Baseball Organization in the United States.

    Please check out the Tournament action that will be hosted by the Buckeye Baseball League.  Events will be posted soon! 

    2019 Buckeye Baseball League Playoff Brackets 9U-11U

    Phenom Events & Happenings

    2019 Ironman League---Fall Baseball

    Ironman League


    10 game season beginning on the weekend of August 24th and 25th.   

    Championship for the top 2 Teams in each Division with team and individual trophies.

    Teams may use their Home Field, play away games or have fields arranged for them (some are free & some at a small fee).

    Teams will be provided with game balls.  

    Certified Umpires will be assigned through the League.

    The cost for the League is $275 per Team

    Please contact T.C. Murphy at (216)551-0728 or at

    Buckeye Baseball League 2019

    The 2019 Regular season is underway!

    >> Click here to go to the BBL 2019 homepage <<

    Meeting Tom Hamilton

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