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About the Buckeye Baseball League

The Buckeye Baseball League began in 2009 with one 9U Division with 14 teams. Since that time the League has grown to 120 plus Teams in 5 Divisions.

The Buckeye Baseball League was initially founded to cater to Teams in southeastern Cuyahoga County, northern Summit County and western Portage County. The Buckeye Baseball League has done so well in serving Teams from this geographic area that Teams outside of this geography have sought to join. At this time, the Buckeye Baseball League is an 'open' League that will consider any Team that is serious about joining the Buckeye Baseball League.

The Buckeye Baseball League is a haven for all Teams who seek to be treated with impartiality and care. The Buckeye Baseball League prides itself on serving its Teams, Coaches, Organizations, Players and Families considering what is fair for all involved and what the right thing to do. The Buckeye Baseball League is proactive in establishing protocol, rules and guidelines that create an even playing field for all involved. The Buckeye Baseball League is conscientiously responsive to the needs of all Teams within the League.

In serving the needs of the Teams that participate in the Buckeye Baseball League, all Teams have a voice within the League and are encouraged to voice their concerns and suggestions. This is one of the cornerstones of our organization and something that sets us apart from other leagues and organizations.